Nakusp Workshop Report

October 7, 2016


The Nakusp workshop agenda focused on the Arrow Lakes: priority issues, a review of current restoration issues and projects, and an introduction to the recent work of voluntary stewardship groups in the area.

This workshop was developed in partnership with Arrow Lakes Environmental Society, the Nakusp and Area Watershed Stewardship Society, and the SWAMP program. We appreciate the support of Alan Thomson of Mountain Station Consultants, and for the assistance of  the CBRAC, Ministry of Environment.



Image from Thomson et al, Arrow Lakes 2024 available at:


  • Sr Manager introduction, scope and activities of voluntary watershed stewardship groups, Arrow Lakes context
  • Arrow Lakes mid-level elevation scenarios and impacts, Alan Thomson, Mountain Station Consultants
    • Alan prepared a shorter version of the mid-level elevation and scenario impacts presentation available here
  • SWAMP introduction, as a model of collaborative action
  • Arrow Lakes Environmental Stewardship Society activities and update
  • Nakusp and Area Environmental Stewardship Society activities and update


  • The operation of the Arrow Lakes as a water storage dam has had significant impacts to biodiversity and wildlife populations in the Arrow Lakes as well as social and economic ones. The impacts are not yet fully understood
  • BC Hydro has identified some projects within the scope of its Water Use Planning process, some of these are likely to move forward on the Water Use Planning schedule
  • The groups in the area have varying levels of expertise and current capacity, and are a good match for collaborative projects


    Image from BC Hydro report



  • 16 people attended the workshop
  • All regional groups were represented
  • A productive discussion on collaborative projects resulted in follow up meetings and an agreement to collaborate on wetlands-focused regional projects
  • A further follow up meeting was held and an there is initial agreement on timing, projects, funding strategy and participation, between three of four groups
  • Priority follow ups include solidifying the agreement with a fourth and inviting a fifth group to follow a regional strategy