Kootenay Lake Region Workshop

October 22, 2016



Brian of the East Shore Freshwater Habitat Society presenting on ecological assessment.

The Kootenay Lake Region workshop was held in the afternoon of the Kootenay Lake Summit, in collaboration with the Kootenay Lake Summit organized by Friends of Kootenay Lake. We also worked with the Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers, Creston Valley Trails, East Shore Trail and Bike, and the East Shore Freshwater Habitat Society.

Kootenay Lake Partnership gave a presentation as well.

The goal of this workshop was to encourage collaboration and share knowledge and experience between volunteer groups working on the different sections and issues of the lake. Friends of Kootenay Lake has been working to help build planning tools for the lake and lakeshore, in support of the collaborative governance efforts of the Kootenay Lake Partnership.


Gerry of Salmo Watershed Streamkeepers presenting on Watershed Planning.


The groups participating in the workshop presented their work on shared concerns such as responsible public lake access, promoting responsible watershed land use, ecological restoration, lakeshore planning, and watershed health.



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  • 135 people attended the all-day session, with the Friends of Kootenay Lake Summit in the morning, and the CBWN network workshops in the afternoon.
  • 18 people signed up for follow-up sessions and information on watershed planning, and the CBWN will be working through the Network Advisory with Gerry Nellestijn and others to follow up on this issue.