WEBINAR: Riparian and Wetland Restoration in the Slocan Valley              Thursday, February 21, 10am-11am PST/11am noon MST 

In collaboration with the Kootenay Conservation Program, Gregoire Lamoureux, restoration ecologist with Slocan River Streamkeepers explored restoration projects, the importance of good relationship with landowners, the challenges and benefits of the projects and more. The Slocan River Streamkeepers have implemented over 40 riparian restoration projects in the Slocan Valley since 2005, restoring the equivalent of 5 km of riverbank. Some projects have included fish habitat enhancement. More recently, the Streamkeepers have implemented wetland restoration and enhancement projects.

Gregoire Lamoureux grew up on a farm in southern Quebec and after travelling across Canada, he moved to the Slocan Valley in 1989 where he now operates a small native plant nursery. In 1991, he created the Kootenay Permaculture Institute to follow his passion for permaculture, regenerative agriculture and ecological restoration. He has been teaching permaculture and consulting across Canada for over 25 years.

Gregoire has been working in riparian restoration for over 20 years and more recently in wetland restoration. He co-founded the Slocan River Streamkeepers Society in 2003 with the goals of improving public knowledge on aquatic ecosystems, improving stewardship of aquatic and riparian ecosystems, and restoring ecologically sound and effective projects.


WEBINAR: Wetland Restoration in the Kootenays
Thursday, February 7, 10am-11am PST/11am-noon MST

Wetlands are a critical component of ecosystems as they support a variety of species at risk, hold and filter water, recharge groundwater, and store carbon. In the Kootenays, many wetlands have been lost due to dam impoundment and land development. In collaboration with the Kootenay Conservation Program, Neil Fletcher from the BC Wildlife Federation shared his wealth of wetland experience and knowledge, having delivered over 100 workshops, many involving hands-on restoration. This webinar explored the results from a BCWF led monitoring study of past restoration projects, recent BCWF led restoration projects in the Kootenays, and ways to get involved in conservation.

Neil Fletcher has a broad range of resource management experience, previously working for a watershed authority in Ontario, the Canadian Forest Service and BC Hydro. He is the Chair of Wetlands Stewardship Partner-ship of BC, a multi-agency partnership that focuses on provincial priorities and that is currently working on standardizing a Provincial wetland inventory.

Neil also participates in a number of other steering and technical advisory committees supporting initiatives such as the Okanagan Wetlands Strategy, Aquatic Invasive Species of BC, and the National Wetlands Round Table.  In 2016, he was named “Canadian Outdoorsman of the Year” by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, in part for the conservation and stewardship work he has accomplished in the Columbia Basin.