The Columbia Basin Water Quality Monitoring Project was a project of several Network member groups, coordinated by Laura Duncan and administered by Mainstreams Environmental Society. From 2007 to 2018, the project gathered high quality, time series water quality data. The project supported Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN) training, equipment, data gathering and analysis and data storage. Using the CABIN protocol allowed groups to contribute to a national database with national-quality data, gathered according to national standards.

To empower local watershed groups to engage in water quality monitoring.

To provide long-term, broad scale water quality data of local watersheds in the Canadian Columbia Basin


  1. Develop a model for and carry out long-term community-based water quality monitoring
  2.  Establish access to the resulting water quality data through web technology
  3. Provide water quality data to Basin residents in a user-friendly format

Visit the CBWQ website here to access the project findings and reports.