The SGRC/CBWN Mapping Program

The Columbia Basin Watershed Network works in partnership with  Selkirk College Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC) to support watershed groups find mapping solutions. Some examples include: assembling data for use in interactive mapping platforms, GPS surveying, producing paper or digital map products and 3D visualizations and 3D physical models (Box Lake Wetland for ALESS), photos and videos collected by drone,  GIS or remote sensing analyses. The partnership can also provide training to CBWN members on GIS, GPS and internet map resources.

See here for the Summer Mapping Program


Select Research Project Nominations

The CBWN/SGRC Select Research Project program selects proposals to put forward for undergraduate thesis research. These proposals must offer the potential for student research development, by defining and addressing a single research question, as well as show potential for answering a research question important to a community. These project start in September and finish in February.

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GIS Training Opportunities in the Basin

QGIS for Beginners

Richard Johnson, SWAMP and Slocan Lake Research Centre offers QGIS for Beginners. The fee varies depending on session costs, typically 8-10 students are required to run a session.

Learn how to use the free, open source QGIS program to produce high quality maps from public databases and your own knowledge. In a hands-on environment, students will create basic maps, add lines, shapes, overlay images, create contour maps, add labels and produce maps for print or digital presentation. We will cover projections, data sources, data analysis and map creation. Full day course, cost $200. Please contact us to arrange a session.


Selkirk College Continuing Education offers an IMAP BC course in the basics of mapping, at the Grand Forks and Nakusp campuses.
Check the Selkirk College Continuing Education Calendar for details.

Other Mapping Resources in the Columbia Basin: Columbia River Basin Biodiversity Atlas

The Columbia Basin Watershed Network gratefully acknowledges support of the Columbia Basin Trust for the mapping program and others.