Living Lakes Canada seeks a self-motivated, enthusiastic, and organized Program Coordinator for the Kootenay Lake Partnership for a one-year position, with possibility for extension.  Reporting to Living Lakes Canada, and through the financial support of its partners, the Program Coordinator is the key individual responsible for facilitating activities of the KLP that support management approaches for a productive and healthy Kootenay Lake.  In this position you will act as the spokesperson for the Partnership, build and maintain relationships among the various stakeholders, support training workshops, and chair quarterly meetings of the KLP.  This position requires 10 – 15 hours per week, but allows you the flexibility to complete the work on your schedule.

Title of Position:                     Program Coordinator

Terms of Employment:      December 15, 2019 to April 30, 2021 (with possibility for extension); approximately 10-15 hours per week; contracted by Living Lakes Canada

Wage:                                       Depending upon experience

Start Date:                               December 15, 2019

Deadline to Apply:               November 30, 2019

Submit Application To:     Heather Leschied, Operations Director, Living Lakes Canada at:


Project Description

The Kootenay Lake Partnership (KLP) was formed in 2010 as a multi-agency initiative to support management approaches for a productive and healthy Kootenay Lake.  It integrates resources from Federal and Provincial agencies, First Nations, and local governments in order to address common concerns and issues around jurisdictional responsibilities, enforcement and ongoing stewardship of ecosystems, fisheries and wildlife values.  The partners recognize that a collaborative approach yields the best chance for conservation of the natural, social and cultural values around Kootenay Lake.  The participants include the Regional District of Central Kootenay, the City of Nelson, and the Village of Kaslo; Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development; Interior Health Authority; Okanagan Nation Alliance; Lower Kootenay Indian Band; and the Ktunaxa Nation Council, Lands and Resources Sector.

The geographic scope of the KLP is the study area which includes:

Kootenay Lake

  • West Arm to Corra Linn Dam
  • North Arm to the mouth of Duncan River
  • South Arm to the mouth of the Kootenay River
  • Foreshore to 100m inland or to a logical physical break, i.e. East side – Highway 3A / West side – rail line.

It should be noted that the geographic scope of the KLP may be expanded following agreement of the Partnership.



Scope of Position

The Kootenay Lake Partnership requires an interim program coordinator for an approximately one year term that will also act as the chairperson of the Partnership.  This position is required to accommodate maternity leave for the current program coordinator from March 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021. The start date will be December 15, 2019 to allow time for training, and there is a potential for the position to be extended beyond the end date.  As the Chair of the KLP, the coordinator will take an objective role and remain as neutral as possible in the conduct of the business of the Kootenay Lake Partnership.



Scope of Work

  • The Coordinator will facilitate and act as Chair of all quarterly Kootenay Lake Partnership meetings
  • Ensure decisions are made on the basis of consensus
  • Record and distribute meeting notes along with any other relevant information
  • Maintain the KLP website
  • Enable access to Dropbox for all KLP members
  • Ensure the active participation of KLP members for quarterly meetings, public information sessions, technical review committees or as requested by KLP
  • Apply for grant funding as directed by KLP, submit grant reports
  • Keep accurate financial records of KLP activities, with the support of RDCK
  • Act as the spokesperson for the Partnership communicating with the media and the public in consultation with the RDCK contract manager and Living Lakes Canada (LLC)
  • Deliver concise, clear, factually accurate, complete and audience appropriate oral and written communication, briefing reports, and information materials on complex subjects
  • Liaise with Friends of Kootenay Lake and other non-profit organizations on public outreach initiatives as directed by the KLP
  • Assist KLP to prepare training materials/events on the use and implementation of the Kootenay Lake Shoreline Guidance Document with applicable agencies and sectors
  • Prepare shoreline property owners information mailout
  • Work with Living Lakes Canada’s Foreshore Inventory Mapping for Aquatic Species at Risk project to align KLP initiatives
  • Support revisions to the Kootenay Lake Shoreline Guidance Document as required
  • Engage with potentially contentious audiences and facilitate dispute resolution
  • Stay current on all information and project material solicited through contracted services by the KLP steering committee and any information relevant from the East Kootenay Integrated Lake Management Partnership (EKILMP)
  • Conduct administrative duties as required
  • Other duties as required