The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development is inviting public input to review of the Forest and Range Practices Act. This legislation not only regulates forestry in BC, but also impacts community watersheds, wildlife management, habitat conservation, as well as reconciliation with BC’s Indigenous communities. Feedback will be accepted until July 15, 2019 at 4:00 pm.

Read the Discussion Paper here. Complete the online feedback form here.

Minister Donaldson’s Message

I recently introduced amendments to the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) to support the health and sustainability of B.C.’s forests and range lands, while strengthening public confidence in how these vital resources are managed.

FRPA governs the sustainable management of B.C.’s forest and range resources. It covers planning and practices that protect environmental resources and public safety, as well as public oversight and administrative fairness for those who hold rights to forest and range resources. Together, the Act and its regulations are the foundation for competitive forest and ranching industries, partnerships with Indigenous peoples, and stability for forest and ranching-dependent communities.

Making changes to the Act is essential to strengthen government’s oversight of the forest sector and restore public trust in how our forests and range lands are managed.  This work is key to modernized land use planning, renewing forest policy province-wide, and improving wildlife management and habitat conservation. It also supports reconciliation with B.C.’s Indigenous communities. It is our goal to ensure that FRPA is positioned to help theprovince adapt natural resource management to the effects of climate change.

FRPA affects the interests and well-being of virtually all British Columbians. That’s why we’re inviting Indigenous peoples and communities throughout the province, industry stakeholders and the public to offer their perspectives on the sustainable management of B.C.’s forest and range resources.

I invite you to review the Discussion Paper and fill-out the online feedback form. Forest and range industry, communities and organizations are also encouraged to provide written comments through stakeholder submission to

Feedback will be accepted until July 15, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.