The Columbia Basin Watershed Network works collaboratively with the other environmental networks in the Canadian Columbia Basin, including:

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) is a regional network for environmental education in the Columbia Basin. CBEEN’s mission is to encourage environmental stewardship and sustainability in the Columbia Basin by supporting environmental educators. CBEEN’s goals are to: 1) continue to grow an active network of environmental educators; 2) encourage active collaboration on environmental education initiatives among CBEEN members, organizations and communities; 3) support access to environmental education; 4) strengthen the capacity of environmental educators throughout the Columbia Basin; and, 5) maintain a sustainable organization which has effective and ethical governance in accordance with its non-profit and charitable status. CBEEN has an open membership policy.

Contact: Duncan Whittick, Executive Director

Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) is a broad partnership of land and water conservation and stewardship groups, government agencies, resource industries and agricultural producers working throughout the east and west Kootenays. KCP partner organizations seek to cooperatively conserve and steward landscapes that sustain naturally functioning ecosystems. The mandate of KCP is to coordinate and facilitate these conservation efforts on private land, and generate the support and resources needed to maintain this effort. KCP has four main priorities: increasing the effectiveness, collaboration and coordination of private land securement; increasing the effectiveness and coordination of stewardship activities taking place on private lands; building financial and technical capacity of partner organizations; and serving as a network to achieve efficiencies, synergies and ultimately greater effectiveness. Organizations must apply and be approved as partners.

Contact: Juliet Craig, Program Manager

Columbia Mountains Applied Institute of Ecology (CMI) is dedicated to outstanding natural resource management through building and sharing knowledge about the ecology of the Columbia Mountains and its associated regional ecosystems. CMI serves to foster collaboration, communication, and education in support of relevant applied ecological research within the Columbia Mountains area. The primary goal of CMI is to build the capacity of people working in the various fields of applied ecology so as to support improved natural resource management. CMI offers courses, researcher’s forums and conferences. CMI has an open membership policy.

Contact: Mia King, Executive Director

Our Funders

We are grateful for the longstanding support of the Columbia Basin Trust, Water and Environment Program.