CBWN Board of Directors

Many thanks to our amazing team of volunteers!

Maggie Romuld
Alan Thomson
Kat Hartwig (Living Lakes Canada)
Shannon McGinty (Lake Windermere Ambassadors)
Bill Coedy (Rossland Streamkeepers)
Claire Pollock-Hall (Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society)
Ayla Bennett (Elk River Alliance)
Ed Gillmor (Columbia Lake Stewardship Society)
Phil Matson (Flathead Lake Biological Station)

Maggie Romuld

Maggie Romuld is a freelance professional biologist currently working as a science writer and communicator at Flatland Environmental. Maggie’s volunteer hours are dedicated to water resources, volunteering with CaNOE: Canadian Network for Ocean Education and the Canadian Water Resources Association. She served as the Executive Director of South East Alberta Watershed Alliance and instructed university-level geography and biology courses for over 20 years. Known as “rivrchik” on Twitter, she studied riparian habitats and wetland ecology for most of her academic career and is thrilled to live a stone’s throw from the Columbia Wetlands. She is out on the water as much as possible!

Kat Hartwig

Executive Director of Living Lakes Canada, Kat has been applying her business and commerce degree to environmental advocacy issues since 1983. Internationally, she promoted awareness of endangered species including the Mountain Caribou and the impacts of unsustainable, industrial tourism practices. Kat helped to define criteria for Corporate Environmental Responsibility from a non-governmental perspective and developed shareholder resolutions to encourage environmental policies. Kat has been developing provincial, national and international corporate and NGO partnerships to support Living Lakes water stewardship, governance, data and climate change initiatives.

Alan Thomson

Based in Nelson, Alan is an experienced Senior Consultant with a history of working in the environmental planning, aquatic biology and water resource engineering sectors.

Currently serving as Treasurer extraordinaire!

Shannon McGinty

Originally from Ontario, Shannon has been in the Columbia valley since January 2018 and is the Program Coordinator for Lake Windermere Ambassadors. She has worked in a variety of fields from recreation to youth outreach, but has a passion for water stewardship. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Northern British Columbia. Shannon enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding in her spare time.

Bill Coedy

Bill Coedy is the founder of the Rossland Streamkeepers and member of the Rossland Society for Environmental Action. He brings extensive experience in aquatic science and chemical environmental analysis, and has been conducting water monitoring in his local watershed. Bill also provides local watershed outreach to schools, local governments, support groups, organizations and industry.

Claire Pollock-Hall

Claire is the Program Manager for the Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society and an Environmental Researcher for Living Lakes Canada. Claire assists on projects such as wildlife monitoring, water quality monitoring, restoration of wetlands, shoreline cleanups and community and education events.

Ayla Bennett

Ayla is the Program Manager Water and Education with the Elk River Alliance. She has been delivering environmental education programs with Wildsight and CBEEN since 2011. She is passionate about conserving and exploring our beautiful mountains, free-flowing rivers and wild spaces. She is happiest when outside discovering nature through the eyes of her children. She strives to empower fellow community members to care for watersheds through hands-on, informed action. Community-based water monitoring projects and citizens have an important role to play in guiding decision-making.

Phil Matson

Phil is a GIS/ AIS Research Specialist with the Flathead Lake Biological Station in Montana. The majority of Phil’s work involves GIS and Remote Sensing relating floodplain habitat complexity to biotic and anthropogenic metrics and stream modeling. Phil collects and analyzes aerial imagery, coordinates data collection and maintenance, collects physical, chemical, and biological data. Phil is involved in education outreach programs to student and collaborates on a number of local, regional and international initiatives related to Aquatic Invasive Species.

Ed Gillmor

Originally from Bay of Fundy area of NB, Ed has worked and lived in a majority of our provinces and territories. Graduated from UNB as a Professional Geologist, he has worked as a prospector, hydrogeologist with Alberta Environment, major oil sands players, international engineering and environmental consulting firms and finally as owner/CEO of a specialized hydrogeology firm that operated throughout western Canada. He and his family have enjoyed Columere Park since 1991. Ed recently completed an investigation entitled Groundwater Contribution to Columbia Lake in the Vicinity of Canal Flats, which documents that Kootenay River is a predominant source of water to Columbia Lake.     

Senior Manager Kristin Aasen

Kristin joined the CBWN in September 2018. She served as a local government planner for the Regional District of Central Kootenay, City of Castlegar and Salt Spring Islands Trust. Her nonprofit experience extends from the Nelson Food Cupboard and Blewett Conservation Society to Oxfam and rural development in India.