Annual General Meeting

*Note: the AGM follows the Spring Meeting

Creston Hotel, Creston BC
2:30 pm, Apr 20, 2018

1. Call to Order
2. Chair Report
3. Treasurer Report
4. New Business
a. Bylaws: Resolved that the prior bylaws be rescinded and replaced by new bylaws as recommended by Board.
b. Strategic Plan: Motion to receive
5. Board of Director Elections
a. Resigned during the year: Bonnie Harvey (2016-2018), Tanya Tran (2016-2018)
b. Electing to remain, with one year term:
i. Kat Hartwig
ii. Richard Johnson
iii. Alan Thomson
iv. Maggie Romuld
c. Nominations from the Board Recruiting Committee
i. Thea Rodgers
ii. Tara Lynne Clapp
d. Nominations from the floor
e. Acceptance of Nominations
f. Election of Directors (if remaining + nominations total more than 11)
6. Adjournment