Responding to a growing interest in current information about water resources and water monitoring efforts, Columbia Basin Trust released a report about the current state of water knowledge in the CBT region “Water Monitoring and Climate Change in the Upper Columbia Basin.”

Read the highlights report here.  Read the full report here.

The report’s author, Dr. Martin Carver provided a talk on the report – see webinar below. Since climate change can influence the quality and quantity of Basin water resources, understanding relevant changes and trends is increasingly important for Basin communities and resource managers. The report includes:

  • an overview of Columbia Basin water resources, from glaciers to groundwater, and pressures on them
  • anticipated effects of climate change on various types of water resources in the Basin
  • status and scope of water monitoring efforts in the region
  • an outline of opportunities to fill knowledge gaps about water resources to support a range of activities such as ecosystem stewardship and community water supply planning.

If you have questions about the report, please feel free to connect with Tim Hicks, Manager, Water and Environment, at the Columbia Basin Trust, at 1.800.505.8998.