The BC Lake Stewardship Society can help! BCLSS is excited to announce the launch of their new program, The BC Lake Stewardship Engagement Initiative. The BCLSS received funding from LUSH to assist with revitalizing and enhancing the lake stewardship sector in British Columbia.  A BCLSS representative will travel the province and offer presentations to engage lake stewards and potential stewards and support environmental lake activities, including water quality monitoring. Services offered include technical training; safety training; auditing of monitoring to ensure high quality, usable data is being collected; and support and advice on stewardship activities and/or starting and operating a stewardship group. Follow-up webinars and ongoing support are also part of this initiative.

The BC Lake Stewardship Society (BCLSS) is dedicated to the preservation and protection of British Columbia’s lakes. Their mission is to act as a resource, communication, and information network among scientists, environmental professionals, lakeshore residents, the general public, First Nations, and government agencies in order to preserve, protect, and restore lakes in BC. The BCLSS vision is clean, healthy lakes throughout British Columbia that provide quality habitat for aquatic life, wildlife, and people.

The BCLSS provides province-wide support for lake stewards in many capacities and facilitates a communication network through their website and newsletters. They provide guidance to stewardship groups as well as safety and technical training for monitoring water quality. They summarize and report on volunteer collected data and assist government with monitoring, data compilation, data entry, and presentation of BCLSS Lake Reports. Their activities are not exclusive to lakes (include watersheds).

In 2018 the BCLSS, in partnership with Living Lakes Canada, completed a project for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy entitled An Integrated Lake Monitoring Framework for British Columbia. This report identified a number of needs of the volunteer lake stewardship sector including:

  • In-person contact for training and other aspects of lake management
  • Lake monitoring training and assistance designing an appropriate monitoring program
  • Auditing to correct monitoring procedure issues and maintain quality assurance of data
  • Information on lake ecology including enhanced training such as LakeKeepers
  • Timely reporting (annually in some cases) on volunteer-collected data
  • In-person presentation and delivery of lake reports when completed
  • Assistance with resolution of lake management issues
  • Communication and connection with specific government agencies or representatives involved in managing certain aspects of lakes (or BCLSS directing them to proper agencies that can assist)
  • Connections with other groups who may have experience with similar lake management issues
  • Assistance with identifying funding sources for projects and equipment
  • Offering equipment to borrow (i.e. dissolved oxygen & temperature meters) and/or assistance with purchasing equipment (i.e. type of meter needed, potential funding sources, and where to purchase)
  • Regular communication through the BCLSS Loonie News, quarterly newsletters, website, and social media
  • BCLSS and other stewardship-based conferences held in communities throughout the province

These needs have been partially addressed using generous funding from the Government of British Columbia. The BCLSS plans to fully address these needs through this new program. Read the report here.

If you are interested in meeting with the BCLSS as part of The BC Lake Stewardship Engagement Initiative, please contact the office at or 1-877-225-2537.