We are now establishing a Watershed Education Committee, to help network members work together better on watershed group education and training needs.

If you are a member that has a community watershed education program, or a member that has ideas about what training is needed for groups across the Basin, we would like to hear from you. Even if you don’t serve on the Committee, the Committee will want to know about your needs or capacities!


The Watershed Education Committee advises the CBWN Board on Basin watershed education priorities, partnerships, programs, and CBWN efforts.


Assess CBWN member watershed education needs, assess and promote member offerings in education and training, and guide education and training efforts by the CBWN


  • Advise CBWN Board on watershed education and assist CBWN Board in setting education priorities;
  • Assess and pursue subject-matter education priorities: community-based watershed stewardship, technical support for water monitoring, citizen science, the Water Sustainability Act, the Columbia River Treaty, watershed policy, and climate change.
  • Inventory and support member and partner educational and training offerings
  • Develop and monitor CBWN training plan
  • Oversee CBWN educational offerings in watershed science, policy and communications between watershed groups and their audiences.
  • Engage, obtain and incorporate member feedback.
  • Explore potential partnerships with training providers for training/certification programs.
  • Advise CBWN on watershed education communications

We expect that Watershed Education Committee will meet about once every two months for the first year, and then on an as-needed basis, likely two to three times / year.