We are now recruiting for the Science Advisory Committee along with our Watershed Education and Network Advisory Committees.

Would you like to work with a great team from across the Basin on assisting watershed network groups to find good information, and to link the Network to scientific communities at the national and international level?

If you are interested in either serving on the Science Advisory Committee or in serving as a resource scientist for watershed groups, please contact us.

Founding Members

Board Liaison, Dr. Martin Carver
Board Liaison, Dr. Ann Meidinger

Dr. Hans Schreier, Watershed Management Program, University of British Columbia
Dr. Suzanne Bayley, Ecology, University of Alberta
Richard Johnson, P.Eng., Slocan Wetlands Assessment Program


The Science Advisory Committee advises the CBWN Board, staff and the CBWN membership on the use and relevance of scientific knowledge to issues of watershed health.


Engage citizen science, traditional knowledge, and professional science in promoting CBWN goals of watershed health and in meeting CBWN member needs
Increase understanding of the contribution of different fields of knowledge to meeting CBWN and member goals.


1) Advise CBWN Board on watershed issues and assist CBWN Board in setting watershed health priorities;
2) Provide linkages for Basin scientific network to national and international networks;
3) Provide advice on scientific literature and sources of interest to the Network and its member groups;
4) Develop scientific referral ‘directory’ for use by CBWN members; and
5) Oversee CBWN/SGRC mapping program

The Science Advisory Committee will meet on an as-needed basis, about every 2 months in the first year, and less thereafter.