The Columbia Basin Watershed Network Society is the go-to hub for watershed groups to find training, information, or connections. We are a voice for watershed stewardship across the Basin. We engage watershed groups in learning from each other through our member meetings, website, newsletters and in connecting groups with one another. We will assist watershed groups across the Basin with access to scientific and funding resources for projects through our website, database, and our new Science Advisory committee. We will engage member groups through a series of subregional dialogues to seek opportunities for collaboration on priorities and resources. We will actively support members and partners in promoting their educational and training activities. We will establish the new Society as responsive and responsible to our members, partners, and constituents as we put appropriate plans and policies in place.


Communities across the Columbia Basin are actively engaged in conserving and managing healthy, functioning watersheds.


The Columbia Basin Watershed Network Society values water, watersheds and water stewardship, and the connections and collaborations at multiple scales that help us to learn about and responsibly manage our relationships with watersheds. We value all forms and traditions of knowledge that help us to understand our relationships with watersheds. And, we value place-based, rooted water stewardship by committed and engaged communities of citizens in partnership each other and with communities of knowledge.

The Columbia Basin Watershed Network Society operates in a responsible, transparent and inclusive manner.